Toilet Science Art at the Night of Art and Science

Martine Oudenhoven - 11 september 2016, 0 2293

Toilet Science Art at the Night of Art and Science

Are you visiting the Night of Art and Science in Leiden on September 17th? Thanks to the posters of Anton van Dort, Marit Sijtsema and Lidia E. Lewczuk even the toilets are part of the festival. Do pay a visit.

Here you find a bit more information on the designers and their posters. 

Anton van Dort, Van Dort Studio

“The reason why I participated in this design project is because I like to draw and design. It is as simple as that and VanDort Studio has a track record in supporting charity, good causes and non-profit organizations. And it gave me the opportunity to begin a new adventure with my character Rose. She is a strong woman that is helping me to explore creativity and to understand women a lot better. Her quality standard is very high, so I had to be strong as well.”

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Marit Sijtsema (posters in Dutch)

“I think the Night of Art and Science is one of the best festivals of Leiden. When I was asked to make a toilet poster I thought “This is a nice way to make a contribution.” I may not be a scientist or professional artist, but I do like to draw. Most toilet posters I had seen before were very serious and medical. That is why I decided to make it more fun! The information is still correct, but a little humor doesn’t hurt when you are being at a strange toilet and feeling slightly uncomfortable.

I work at LUMC and while making this poster I had to think about research on sitting down vs standing while urinating. It started as a discussion between some of our medical students in a bar, but ended up as serious research. As it turned out, sitting down is better. Still there is a lot of discomfort about this among men, because apparently standing is more manly. Fascinating how we make this all so complicated.

This uneasiness about going to the toilet inspired me to make the poster of Louis XIV. In the past people were very easy about going to the toilet. It makes you wonder where it went wrong.

Of course there has been progress. For example, the thought of a time without toilet paper horrifies me. People used to use very different things, sometimes even rather sharp like shells and old spears. And why? Unfortunately we cannot ask it any more.” 

Lidia E. Lewczuk, Crayonsalad