Letter from Lily

- 17 mei 2017, 0 727

Letter from Lily

In honour of the Fascination of Plants Day, Cristina assumed the role of Lily. Do you want to know who/what Lily is and what she has to say? Read on...

By Cristina Acosta Pisciotti

Hi, I am Lily, and this is a brief story about my kind.

Very long ago, in a faraway land, we were the only inhabitants of this planet.  It was what you’d call a paradise.  Our family was huge, with so many branches and extensions. Each member with their unique fragrance, colours and foliage, made of Earth a spectacle for all the senses. We had a peaceful and quiet existence, with all the water and sun we needed to thrive.

After some time, we were not alone anymore. These newcomers started devouring us. They ate all of uncle Rodi’s family! We could not believe it! We were devastated! We thought that that was the beginning of our end, that in no time we would all meet the same fate of poor uncle Rodi. Our era of peace had come to an end. Still, in the midst of our grief, we got an amazing surprise. The remnants of uncle Rodi and his family slowly grew back and eventually they all returned, like nothing had happened!

It turns out, that uncle Rodi is what you now call a pomegranate. We realised, that these newcomers were not here to exterminate us, but to share life with us and make it even better than what it already was. So, we became quite close. We called them animals, as their way of breathing was like a strong current of air. We provided them shelter and food, while they gave us manure to make us prettier, stronger and more fertile.  Our relationship was in equilibrium and once again we were at peace.

Some time after that, a new type of animal arrived. At the beginning, it was all the same as with the rest, but even better. We had a special connection. They had a special respect, even reverence for us. In return, we helped them learn how to use us for their benefit: for more advanced shelters and as cure to diverse ailments they had. With time, they could tell when one of us was sick and took care of us. They even helped us reproduce faster and in other places where we had not been before, which led them to call us plants. They were so caring to us, that we called them humans. They communicated with words and actions while we spoke with our fruits, colours and whispers, the latter of which some of them could hear.  We were all so happy.

But as time passed by, things changed. We don’t understand how and why this happened. Our mutual relationship with humans became less reciprocal. They forgot how to take care of us, started mistreating us, and we started dying. Some would say that those that deceased were weak and fragile, but the truth is that their spirits were so crushed and disappointed that they gave up their energy to live. Nevertheless, in memory of our initial bliss and friendship, we keep trying to communicate with them. We want to remind them (and you) how special our relationship was, that we need each other. We all do our best effort, trying to show you how our beauty is a complement to yours, so that we can mend our past and save our common future. Every year, my sisters put on a show. We display all of our colour palette: purples, whites, yellows, oranges, reds and pinks, just so we can remind you of the beauty of nature.  Will you hear our call to your senses and respect us once again?

Some hear us and rekindle our friendship, and even chose a day to commemorate it. However, it will take all of us to mend the current conditions of our shared home. If you want to know more please visit